Karen’s Kids Single User Commercial License is here!
Add kids and giggles to your eye-popping creations!

The official contract agreement contains lots of legalese so here is a simple breakdown of the agreement contents and what it covers.


One license allows a single individual (the person who purchased the license) to create designs and products that they (the purchaser) will personally sell on one website, one blog or one selling venue.



The purchaser (teachers, small home-based business and crafters):

  • may purchase & use licensed images to create designs that they sell for profit
  • must use licensed images as incidental parts of the product
  • must sell to end-user customers only (the person who buys and uses your product)
  • may purchase *Karen’s Kids clip art items at a 10% discount
  • must sell on one blog, one selling venue, or one website
  • may add additional selling venues to the existing license at ‘add-on’ rates
  • must use the images on their own (purchaser’s computers) only

*Karen’s Kids copyrighted clip art images are sold separately.


The purchaser:

  • may NOT sell the designs to any company, person, entity other than the end-user
  • may NOT sell anyone else’s designs or products that contain Karen’s Kids images
  • may NOT use Karen’s Kids images to create products that resemble any other Karen’s Kids products or products that compete with Karen’s Kids products
  • may NOT sell, nor give away, the designs/products (with Karen’s Kids images) to anyone including other companies or groups, other than the end user
  • other than enlarging or reducing image size and adding color to black and white images, the images may not be modified
  • may NOT use Karen’s Kids images as the main part of the product, i.e. rubber stamps, sewing kits, scrapbooking, stickers, craft kids, paper dolls, etc.
  • may NOT resell, give away, transfer, loan, distribute, share any Karen’s Kids images or products in their original format
  • may NOT share or post on networks, web pages, internet or public albums any Karen’s Kids images or products in their original format
  • may NOT add Karen’s Kids images to apps, or software programs
  • may NOT use Karen’s Kids images for obscene, defamatory, libelous or immoral works or for any other purpose which is prohibited by law
  • may NOT mass produce projects using Karen’s Kids images
  • may NOT use Karen’s Kids for buiness logos, websites, letterheads or other brand or business identifying products
  • may NOT transfer the license (Licenses cover the original purchasers only.)

(This license does not cover corporations, large businesses or companies, entities or companies with employees – please contact Karen at Karen’s Kids Studio for information on licensing Karen’s Kids images. karen@karenskidsstudio.com)



  • projects/products may include self-published digital items
  • activity pages
  • worksheets
  • lessons or lesson plans
  • kits
  • crafts (images may be a component of the design and not the major design)


  • Teachers Pay Teachers
  • Etsy
  • Teachers Notebook



Licensee: the person (YOU) who actually purchased the “Images” to create Derivative Designs
Licensor: the person who owns the copyrighted protected images (Karen)
Derivative Designs: A Derivative Design (your product) is an expressive creation that includes copyright-protected elements of an original, previously created first work (Karen’s Kids copyrighted images).
End-User: the person who purchased the “Derivative Designs” is also the person who will be using the product – the End-User.



Product Pages Copyright Notice:
Karen’s Kids copyright notice must appear on all product pages that include Karen’s Kids images as follows: (Clip art ©Karen Frandsen-Karen’s Kids License #00000)
Description Pages Copyright Notice:
Product descriptions must include the copyright notice and the Karen’s Kids unique license number as follows: (Clip art ©Karen Frandsen-Karen’s Kids License #00000)


Although the legal agreement contains the same information as does this document, read it carefully. Karen’s Kids reserves the right to review, remove, withdraw, or discontinue any product at our discretion at any time if conditions are not met. We reserve the right to review and deny certain usages based on our interpretation of what constitutes a derivative work. Terms in the agreement are subject to change.



Lifetime License ($120)
A Single-User-License allows one person to create and sell derivative designs on ONE website or selling venue for the life of the purchaser.

Add-On Selling Sites ($20)
If you would like to sell your products on more than one website you may do so by purchasing Add-Ons to the License. This is a one-time fee per site.

Product Discounts
A license allows the owner of the license to purchase Karen’s Kids clip art at a 10% discount.


Purchase License Now



If you have ANY questions please email them to karen@karenskidsstudio.com. We will respond within 24 hours. Would you like to a phone call? Email your name and number and the best time to call to karen@karenskidsstudio.com.

My name is Karen and I would like to welcome you to my world! Click HERE for more information about Karen’s Kids.
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