Calling all Teachers: CRAFTY CLIP ART CONTEST

Karen’s Kids CRAFTY CLIP ART CONTEST for teachers and crafters… Calling all teachers and crafters. Are you busy creating, gluing, pinning, and taping, or stapling up seasonal bulletin boards, designing greeting cards, making flyers, activity pages, party favors and lots of colorful projects? You are already doing the work…how about a little recognition for your… Read More


You’ve probably cleaned the frosting off the walls by now and, don’t panic but spring is just around the corner. You deserve a medal. As a parent I want to thank you for what you do! As a teacher who understands ALL you do I wish I could send you tons of kudos. I will… Read More


A Sure Cure For Teacher Stress

The bell rings, you get the stragglers out the door. The parent who wants to chat will have to walk with you to bus duty.  After the staff meeting you head back to your room to straighten up, feed the fish, water the plants, check the weeks lesson plans and make sure the classroom web… Read More

KIDS Cook With Karen’s Kids Cooks: Blissful Butternut Pancakes Recipe and Printables

Okay kids (and Mom and Dad), get out your spatula’s, aprons and imaginations…IT’S TIME TO COOK with Karen’s Kids Cooks.Print out this DELICIOUS pancake recipe…’so nutritious, so delicious, butternut, butternut, butternut squash WOO!”  That’s what everybody will say when they taste your butternut squash pancakes. Click Here to print this recipe.  You might want to… Read More

Sugarless ‘Kids-Love-Em’ Butternut Squash Pancakes

‘I-LOVE-THEM!‘ These comments about my sugarless-squash pancakes took me by surprise.  Really…the kids wanted seconds, wanted them in there lunch, wanted them for dinner! Don’t you find it a challenge to make healthy AND delicious meals to feed your family? I am on a journey to learn what exactly does ‘healthy foods’ mean to our… Read More

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