September Writing Prompts!

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Here is a list of the some fun, interesting, and silly celebrations for the month of September that make for a perfect writing prompt for your kids.

September Key Dates

1-7  Waffle Week
16   Pilgrims set sail on Mayflower
22   Elephant Appreciation Day
26   Johnny Appleseed’s birthday

School Begins

Children’s Good Manners Month

National Honey Month


After talking about a September event or celebration ask children to draw a large shape that fits the event or celebration (elephant, apple, honey jar).  Outline the shapes in black marker and cut out.

To create a book, trace around the cut out shape to make multiple pages.  Staple the book pages together and create your story using pictures and words.

Click here to print this bus-shape paper sample.


Shape Books are great way for students to practice writing and recording information. Depending on skill levels, students can write letters, poems, record new vocabulary words and definitions…you will think of so many uses!


Karen's Kids ShopShape Papers & More: Fall

These fun writing papers are perfect for writing prompts or shape book stories, but also handy for stationery, notes to children and any school-to-home communication.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE SOME SHAPE PAPERS THAT ARE ALREADY CREATED AND IDEAS TO GO WITH THEM CLICK HERE.  Happy writing!


September Writing Prompts!

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