5 Fabulous Welcome-Back-To-School Projects

Start the “first day of school” with giggles and happy kids.  I have put together some projects for you that will help to set the mood for the whole year.  You can DIY or, if time is running out, I have added some super inexpensive options.


Karens Kids Postcards
Karens Kids Postcards


Who doesn’t LOVE to get real mail?  A personal postcard from you will do a lot to settle those first-day-of-school-nerves.  Create your own postcard template and use it year after year. Your personal note is such a gift to new students. If time is running out for you, there are lots inexpensive editable postcard templates available.  Karen’s Kids POSTCARDS FOR TEACHERS set includes four editable cards (Welcome . Happy Birthday . A Note From Your Teacher . Your Own Title) for $2.00!  Open, type, print, send and use year after year.  



Karen's Kids Giggle Grams
Karen’s Kids Giggle Grams

Giggle Grams are the perfect ice breaker for the first day of school. Even the shy kids will be giggling.Set up a template with six rectangles per 8.5 X 11 page.  Add some clip art and type in your jokes and trivia.  It is worth the time it takes because you can use your templates year after year.

The Giggle Grams set (above) was created for my grandkids.  I never imagined how popular they would be.  We  put them in lunches, on pillows and on dinner plates!  Why not lay them on student desks before kids arrive on the first day. IF YOU NEED SOME NOW  Karen’s Kids Giggle Grams are a super fun set of printable ready-to-use downloadable giggles.  (216 individual cards including some editable cards for your own personal jokes, trivia and messages.)



Karen's Kids All About Me Posters
Karen’s Kids All About Me Posters

This “first day of school activity” is one of the most meaningful and productive activities I have ever done with my students.  It promotes appreciation of individual differences, classroom community and friendship.Students are divided into groups of two to interview each other.  Each student gets a printed interview form with a list of simple questions geared towards student skill levels.  Students ask each other questions, record simple answers and then each student introduces his/her interviewee by sharing 1-2 (or more if time permits) things about that person.  The interviewee can help decide what they want shared.  The questions are non-threatening, fun and entertaining.  Let students know that they can ‘pass’ on answering any questions.



Here are some sample questions you can add to your interview form:


Do you have any pets? What kind?

If you could have any pet in the world, real or imaginary, what would you choose?

What is your favorite food?

What is something your teacher might not know about you?

Do you do any sports, or take any lessons after school or on the weekend?

If you could be any character or person, real or imaginary, for one day, who would you be?

What is your favorite subject?

Do you have a favorite book? What is it?

What is the funniest thing you ever saw or the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

Have you ever traveled to another country? Where?

What is your favorite day of the year?  Why?

Who is the funniest person you know?

Would you rather take a plane ride, a boat ride, race car ride or hot air balloon ride?

If you could have any job in the world when you grow up, what would it be?


Karen's Kids All About Me Posters
Karen’s Kids All About Me Posters

Not enough time?  Here is a SUPER inexpensive, ready-to-print and use option. ALL ABOUT ME POSTERS is an interactive creative resource for kids of all skill levels …students are prompted to ask questions, measure or weigh, interview, predict, graph, chart, illustrate and so much more, depending on the poster theme.  Students can’t wait to get their new themed poster.  The best thing about downloadable resources is that you purchase them once and use them year after year.

Students LOVE these ALL ABOUT ME posters.  This BIG bundle includes 16 thematic writing and graphic prompts that motivate students to be creative in their responses.  Cover templates and ideas for saving these “journal page – memory keepers” are included.  Use the forms to interview, write book reports and lots more. The BEGINNING OF YEAR SET ($3.00) and END OF YEAR SET ($3.00) are Bundled together for HUGE savings.  Just  $4.00.



Karen's Kids Clock Huggers™
Karen’s Kids Clock Huggers™

Unexpected surprises like CLOCK HUGGERS™ make kids smile.  Circle your clock with monthly themed clip art or student illustrations.  Let the kids come up with some clock hugger ideas of their own. Divide students into groups and assign one month for each group.  Give them some measurements and color criteria, topic or theme.  They can illustrate, color and cut out their creative DIY designs and a volunteer can display them around the clock.

Karen's Kids Clock Huggers™ November
Karen’s Kids Clock Huggers™ November


Not enough time this year?  Monthly themed clock huggers not only decorate your clock…how about using them for creative writing and art projects?

.  Create an acrostic poem using one of the words on the Clock Hugger.

.  Design a poster inviting people to a November Party.  Use the vocabulary on the Clock Hugger for inspiration.

.  Put the Clock Hugger words in alphabetical order.

.  Create a crossword puzzle using the Clock Hugger vocabulary.

.  Design a game or trivia questions using the words on the Clock Hugger.

.  Name something that has a wattle? (turkey and some people)

.  What has wings but can’t fly? (turkey)

.  What is the most popular pie in America: apple, pumpkin, pecan, cherry? (apple)



Karen's Kids Monthly Clock Huggers™ Set


5 Fabulous Welcome-Back-To-School Projects

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