If you are new to clipart, you are in for a treat! I absolutely LOVE using clipart for everything from bulletin boards to bin labels, from greetings to graphs and puppets to planners. All you need is a computer, clipart and a word processing program like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Pages, etc.. Download this clipart cutie freebie to get started. For jpg click HERE. For png click HERE.

1) STATIONERY SETS with clipart

Communicating to parents, volunteers, friends and staff has never been more fun.  Maybe you use your company letterhead – that’s fine.  Creating your own stationery for special occasions is so easy and it means so much to your receiver. Click HERE for a quick tutorial. Find clipart that fits your personality. Pull it onto your page and add your message.  There are so many fun fonts, find one that you love.  You can also print out your personalized stationery pages and store them for later use.  Use your preprinted stationery like you would any preprinted bordered paper.  (Print your image and name on envelopes too.)


You can create tons of coloring pages for classroom and personal use. When you need an activity page to fit the season, a story prompt for a special creative writing project or just a fun coloring page, turn on your computer, open your program and pop a clipart image onto your page.  Add a sentence of two, a prompt or directions.

3) Personalized SPECIAL CELEBRATION CARDS with clipart

The last time I shopped for a birthday card WAS THE LAST TIME I shopped for a birthday card! They cost over $6.00! If you are a teacher or if you have children, you can create the cutest cards for pennies – with clipart.  (A little aside story…I have 7 grandchildren and the cost of birthday and holiday cards is TOO MUCH! I ended up creating my own… My Little Princess birthday card meant so much more then the store bought, to me and to my little princess, and the words were my own. I am starting to create some themed digital clipart sets for special occasions.) Try this…once you have your layout/template you can pop in a clipart image and change the words to fit the occasion.  If you ever have trouble thinking of a message for your card check out Quote Garden.  You are sure to find a thought that fits your purpose.

You can fit two cards on an 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper.  The top of the page will fit the front and the back of one card and the bottom of the page will fit the front and back of the second card.

If you like to recognize some of the smaller celebratory events, but you just can’t find the right card, do it with clipart.  Something as simple as a MISSING TOOTH CLUB membership card makes your little toothless members smile with pride. Celebrate with desk grams, valentine bookmarks or certificates you create with clipart.  (All my products are created with my clipart. Click the links for ideas on different kinds of layouts you can try.)

4) Create BIG PROJECTS and BULLETIN BOARDS with clipart

Creative Kids Clipart

This is the absolute easiest clipart project of all.  Clipart can be enlarged to REALLY, REALLY BIG SIZES. Make center signs, door signs or bulletin board headers with clipart.  

When I visit students to share HOW A STORY BECOMES A BOOK I set these Karen’s Kids characters on students’ desks during the ‘TELL ME ABOUT THIS CHARACTER’ part of the presentation.  I have used clipart for puppets, scenery for plays, center accents, clock decorations (Clock Huggers) and door signs.   

I love the poster that Claire and Sharon created for North Kent Community Service Center using Karen’s Kids characters. For your bulletin board creations, place (pull, import) your clipart image onto your page.  Enlarge or reduce it to fit your space and your printer paper size.  Remember you can print the image in either color or grayscale.  After your print the image, cut it out and pin it up.

5) Decorate CLASS NEWSLETTERS with clipart!
Clipart Newsletter Templates

With just a click you can add clipart to your classroom newsletters. (Click HERE if you need help inserting clipart). Once you have a basic template all you need to do is change out your clipart to match the month or a theme. Whether you choose color or black and white will probably depend on your budget and whether you are sending copies home or sending email digital copies.


I want to encourage you to try clipart for designing and creating some of your own personal projects.  It is so rewarding to see how people respond to your wonderful creative designs!  Please let me know if you have any questions

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