KIDS Cook With Karen’s Kids Cooks: Blissful Butternut Pancakes Recipe and Printables

Okay kids (and Mom and Dad), get out your spatula’s, aprons and imaginations…IT’S TIME TO COOK with Karen’s Kids Cooks.Print out this DELICIOUS pancake recipe…’so nutritious, so delicious, butternut, butternut, butternut squash WOO!”  That’s what everybody will say when they taste your butternut squash pancakes. Click Here to print this recipe.  You might want to buy and prepare fresh squash and save some for squash cookies and muffins.

DO YOU HAVE A RECIPE YOU WOULD LIKE TO TRY?  Wonderful!  Click Here to print out the form below, fill it in with your recipe, and a picture, and save it in your COOKING BINDER.

HOW DID EVERYONE LIKE YOUR RECIPE?  Well, let’s find out.  First, read how the Foutz family rated the Foutz-Girls’ pancakes.  Read the girls’ comments and tips too (silly).

Ready to see what your family thinks about your recipe.  Click Here to print out a copy of MY RECIPE RATING PAGE, like the one below.  Ask your family to rate your recipe, add a fun photo and some tips and comments.Okay ‘Cook-With-Karen’s Kids-Cookers’, I bet EVERYBODY, including your dog, LOVES your recipe and will be asking for more.



MOM – DAD, we would love to share your kid-friendly recipes.  Send or email your (or your child’s) recipe to Karen’s Kids Cooks.  If selected we will share it on our blog with lots of kudos for you!  Snail Mail to:  Karen’s Kids Cooks . P.O. Box 581 . Cardiff, CA 92007   Email to:


Blissful Butternut Pancakes Recipe

How to Cook, Store and Save Fresh Squash for Cooking

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