Giggle Grams – October Freebie #2

Start the day with a room full of giggles.

GIGGLE GRAMS™ are a real treat.  Even my 6th graders love these on their desks or in their lunch boxes.  There are riddles, jokes and facts that work for anytime of year. 

I gave my daughter a laminated set.  Now the kids look forward to a riddle everyday.  They are a real hit with their friends at school too.

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“Come, little leaves,”

Said the wind one day,

“Come over the meadows

With me, and play;

Put on your dresses

Of red and gold;

Summer is gone, 

And the days grow cold.”

~George Cooper (1838-1927)



Do you have any poems or songs you especially love doing with your children each year?

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Giggle Grams – October Freebie #2

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