5 Back-to-School Freebies – Day 4 ACTIVITY POSTERS

Personal Activity Posters help kids get to know each other.  List or draw three things you would like to learn about this year.  What is your teacher’s name?  How many children in your class?

ACTIVITY POSTERS Your bulletin boards will be the center attention with your kiddos’ activity posters displayed plus their self image drawings beneath them. Each poster has a theme and each theme has a word that is defined to help children understand the concept they are writing/drawing about. Fun trivia may be included. Kids love these posters and parents love reading them. CLICK HERE to download your FREE Personal Poster.

 CLICK HERE to find out more about the set of 14 Personal Activity Posters – one a month plus a few extras.

5 Back to school Freebies.  Make sure you get all five freebies (one a day for five days).  Some of these are samples from some fun new products and some are teacher-favorites.  I hope they fill your room with giggling kids, fired-up news reporters, kids getting to know each other, little clock-watchers, and a calendar to keep it all together.

5 Back-to-School Freebies – Day 1 Giggle Grams™

5 Back-to-School Freebies – Day 2 Clock Huggers™

5 Back-to-School Freebies – Day 3 Newspaper Templates

5 Back-to-School Freebies – Day 4 Activity Personal PostersKaren's Kids ShopLet me know what you liked and any suggestions you have for new products, changes or suggestions and ‘THANK YOU’ (really) for taking the time to comment!!

5 Back-to-School Freebies – Day 4 ACTIVITY POSTERS

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