5 Back-to-School Freebies – Day 3 Newsletter Templates

FLASH…Here we are at Day 3 already…NEWSPAPER TEMPLATES for all your classroom news PLUS creative writing too.
Kids Report The News. This newspaper template transforms a simple math or reading lesson into a news adventure and your classroom into a reporter’s dream.  Think about it…your kids can interview each other, summarize the days events, write or draw about their favorite topic, book, sport, field trip, school event or assembly – ANYTHING.Your free newspaper template is a clip art image.  Pull it into your favorite typing program and add your message.  CLICK HERE to download your FREE September Newspaper Template.


CLICK HERE to view this entire package of newspaper templates with ready to use printables AND clip art templates too.

5 Back to school Freebies.  Make sure you get all five freebies (one a day for five days).

5 Back-to-School Freebies – Day 1 Giggle Grams™

5 Back-to-School Freebies – Day 2 Clock Huggers™

5 Back-to-School Freebies – Day 3 Newspaper Template

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5 Back-to-School Freebies – Day 3 Newsletter Templates

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