Slippery Squid, Outrageous Octopus and 100 Curious Kids

WHAT A DAY … 100 students from Libby Elementary School in Oceanside, California met us at the beach for a hands-on ocean adventure.  Kids traveled through 10 stations from Slippery Squid to Secrets in the Sand.   We arrived early to set up 10 stations.  It was a perfect San Diego day. We all left smiling.… Read More

Slippery Squid, Outrageous Octopus and 100 Curious Kids

How to Create PERSONAL PALS Bulletin Board Project Holders

These Personal Pal project holders are perfect bulletin board decorators and they hold any size projects.  These cuties are holding stories about their summer.  Create these holders in a few, fun simple steps… Personal Pal project holders make your bulletin board an eye-catching wall of fun.  Keep them up for weeks and just replace the work with kids’ math, writing, science,… Read More

How to Create PERSONAL PALS Bulletin Board Project Holders

5 Math and Reading Super-Dooper Ice Cream Scoop Activities

Ice cream math, and writing with ice cream scoops, is a perfect treat all year long. Hello everyone.  I am revising and re-publishing this ice cream scoop post with 5 fun giggle-grabber activities using super, dooper ice cream scoops. These activities will keep the little ones captivated and involved in learning math, word study skills, parts of speech- and you will think of… Read More

5 Math and Reading Super-Dooper Ice Cream Scoop Activities


1/2 cup of DOING YOUR BEST ( Cheerios), 1/8 cup of HONESTY (M & Ms), 1/4 cup of LEARNING FROM MISTAKES (Gold Fish) – this project equals plenty of giggles, talking, learning and snack-bags for weeks to come. (Revised from an earlier post.) My daughter-in-law created her own eatable Recipe for a Successful School Year.  She came up… Read More

More Back to School Specials!

We’re offering several of our favorite downloadable school-themed products for 50% right now! If you want to get notifications of these specials, make sure you “like” us on Facebook! Our most recent offer is on the Clip Art: School Borders – Set 1 product. Simply add the product(s) to your shopping cart, enter the coupon… Read More

Back to School Savings!

Who doesn’t love a deal? Right now we’re offering 50% off on an assortment of school-themed products from Karen’s Kids Studio. If you want to save big, “like us” on Facebook so that you can get notifications about our sales going on this month. Every few days we’ll release a new item available for this… Read More

Calling All Bug Detectives How to Have a Bug Hunt

When you are a bug detective you learn things like no two spider webs are the same and the buzz that you hear when a bee approaches is the sound of its four wings moving at 11,400 strokes per minute. Bees, bugs, butterflies and kid-detectives, will take the ‘boring’ out of summer. Ever since they were born and… Read More

End of Year Bookmark Gifts – DIY with CLIP ART

Create a bookmark for all your little readers and give it as a gift at the end of the year, or for special days like birthdays, St Patrick’s Day or Valentine’s Day.  Do it yourself DIY bookmarks with colorful clip art is easy and fun.  The bookmark template and some clip art makes this project Send your young readers into… Read More

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